About Us

Hi my name is Emma, the owner of Musango, a family-run business based in Herefordshire., United Kingdom   Our journey began in 2017 with one single shape – the Musango mug.   We knew from the start that colour would be at the heart of our brand, we offer a range of 15 bold and bright hues to choose from.

From the success of our mugs, we expanded our product range into jugs and casual dining offerings, which we call Musango Eats.  Inspired by our colourful Musango palette, our ‘Eats’ range sits seamlessly alongside our signature mugs.

As our customer base grew, we knew we couldn’t sit still and having spent many years living in Cape Town, South Africa, we felt it was important that it be a part of our story.    Using botanical plants native to Southern Africa we developed a line of stationery and from those designs we stepped into kitchen linen, using the same designs.   Our Musango colour palette is what pulls this new story together and joins it with our Musango family of products.

As a small business owner, I remain committed to providing our customers with high-quality products that are both stylish and functional.  All our pieces are designed with practicality and good functionality in mind, with an emphasis on contemporary design and attention to detail as well as a sense of fun!

Thank you for choosing Musango